Service Your Generator Annually

Many homeowners do not realize that their generator has an engine that needs maintenance, similar to a car. Simple annual maintenance can extend the life of your generator, and prevent it from failing when you need it most. For your convenience, we offer a hassle free maintenance plan in which we will contact you when it’s time for maintenance. We are factory trained, and use factory authorized parts.

Our maintenance service executes over 20 adjustments and inspections, including:

  • Visual Inspection of Generator Enclosure (Interior / Exterior)

  • Inspect Fuel Line & Connections for Leaks

  • Inspect Intake & Exhaust Vents for Obstructions

  • Check for Trouble Lights

  • Check for Fault Codes

  • Check Oil Condition & Level

  • Manual Start Generator Under No Load & Load

  • Verify Voltage & Frequency Output

  • Change Oil with Synthetic Oil

  • Change Oil Filter

  • Check Battery Condition

  • Check Battery Voltage

  • Clean / Brush Battery Terminals and apply dielectric gel

  • Replace Air Filter

  • Replace Spark Plugs

  • Adjust Valve Lash (if needed)

  • Adjust Fuel Regulator (if needed)

  • Adjust Engine Speed (if needed)

  • Simulate a power outage

  • And more!


Protect your investment by scheduling service today!